Maria's Cheese Puffs

Artisan Brazilian Cheese Bread

I'm excited about my newest product because it is the result of making what people want. When talking to people while I do demos supermarkets people tell me they want food that is tasty and healthy. 4 Seeds is amazing and healthy, full of Omega 3 and fiber. It's good for your heart and great for digestion.

After enjoying bacon for breakfast for many years, it finally dawned on me why not combine bacon with my cheese breads? I put bits of real bacon in each cheese bread for every bacon lover to enjoy!

New Flavor: 4 Seeds

Maria's Cheese Puffs are a great success thanks to traditional recipe's being passed down from her grandmother. 

Being naturally gluten free, our cheese puffs are perfect for any occasion.


A kick to it

Garlic is a staple in many other Brazilian dishes. While baking, our Garlic flavor has the most inviting garlic aroma that draws everyone in.

The traditional cheese bread with a little kick. The idea came to me while enjoying a glass of wine at home.

Last but not least, after I incorporated flavors from different cultures, I looked at my home for a new inspiration. A well known desert which is the combination of Guava jam and cheese making the perfect representation of my home state. There, this desert is known as "Romeo and Juliet".

Maria's family recipe


Breakfast delicacy


Shakespeare inspiration


The rich flavor